Party Bus Sugar Land - Entertainment Guide

Thai Cottage II

If you're traveling with Party Bus Houston and you happen to be a lover of Thai food, you really should plan to visit Thai Cottage II at least once during your trip with us. The tom yum soup is the essential starter, and the spicy wings of paradise and the pad kee mao are two stellar standout dishes that we come back to time and time again, in addition to the pricess chicken. The restaurant is spic and span clean and the service is superb. Find Thai Cottage II at 4723 Sweetwater Blvd in Sugar Land and get in touch with them easily at 281-313-0707.

Freebirds World Burrito

Freebirds World Burrito has always been a favorite of ours, and if the frequency with which Party Bus Houston customers request this place is any indication, it will surely be one of yours too! The monster burritos are truly gargantuan, which is perfect for bringing leftovers onto the bus for later! You really get so much food for your money here. The quesadillas, nachos, and tacos are just as great as the namesake burritos. Find Freebirds World Burrrito at 15285 Southwest Fwy in Sugar Land and get in touch with them by phone at 281-565-8640.

Keeper's Japanese Restaurant

The prices can be a bit high at Keeper's Japanese Restaurant, but we adore their food so much that we never mind it one bit. Happy hour will help you to shave some dollars off the bill if you need to. The angry lion roll is one of our favorites and their nemo roll is also quite impressive and tasty with all that spicy salmon! Don't let this establishment's simple exterior fool you. It's a real winner. Find Keeper's Japanese Restaurant at 4654 Hwy 6 in Sugar Land and call them up at 281-242-0389 for reservations or with any quetsions that you might have.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is always a great party bus stop. Who doesn't love an amazingly juicy burger and fries? And Five Guys just does it so well. An often overlooked item on the menu is their hot dog, loaded with cheese and bacon and just waiting to satisfy your appetite! They've always got all those peanuts to enjoy while you wait too, which is cool. Definitely a fun place for both kids and adults. Find Five Guys Burgers and Fries at 15810 Southwest Fwy in Sugar Land and get in touch with them at 281-277-7755.

Bombay Palace Indian Grill & Bar

Indian food lovers who are traveling with Party Bus Houston, take note! Bombay Palace Indian Grill & Bar is a must-visit. The naan is the greatest that we have ever tasted, and that says a lot. The sag paneer is sensational, and the chicken tikka masala simply cannot be overlooked. The decor is so pleasant and enjoyable here too. We love the dancing shivas and the om symbols that remind you to find balance and enjoy harmony while you dine. Find Bombay Palace Indian Grill & Bar at 15295 SW Fwy in Sugar Land and give them a call at 281-325-0071.

SUGAR LAND ZIP CODES: 77478, 77479, 77487, 77496, 77498.