Party Bus Houston: Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find a listing of the questions we get asked most frequently. Be aware that we're able to answer questions at any time of the day with our 24 hour phone service! If you don't see your questions answered below, you can give us a call or send us an email with your question, and it will be answered within 24 hours! As always, we look forward to hearing from you here at Party Bus Houston.
Is Party Bus Houston licensed by the State of Texas and City of Houston?
Party Bus Houston carries all proper licenses and permits to operate a bus business in the State of Texas and City of Houston. Our drivers are all licensed by the state Department of Transportation and all vehicles have passed a rigorous inspection to ensure your safety. All vehicles are properly insured.
Can I smoke on your buses?
In effort to keep our buses clean and in top condition for all customers, we have adapted a strict no smoking policy that we do enforce. Please respect your friends and our other customers by refraining from lighting up.
Is there a penalty if I'm having too much fun and don't want to go home yet?
Party Bus Houston that events and nights of fun don't always go as planned, sometimes you are just having too much fun and are not ready to go home yet. We encourage all of our customers to have the night of their dreams and would never want to cut that short. If your trip is running longer than expected, you will be billed for additional hours at your predetermined hourly rate.
Are we allowed to bring drinks on the bus?
Absolutely! Is it really a party without your favorite drinks? We have coolers in all buses to keep your drinks chilled, we provide ice and plastic cups as part of our service. Please remember to take any leftover drinks home with you after the evening.
Where are we allowed to go on the Party Bus Houston?
Party Bus Houston does not believe in restricting your evening and does encourage trips to anywhere in the state that you would like to go. Give us a call and tell us what's on your mind, we will do our best to accommodate any trip you can think of. Austin, San Antonio, Dallas... we can cover them all.
Can Party Bus Houston get group rates at clubs or restaurants?
We currently do not have any deals with clubs or restaurants in place, but we do recommend calling all of your party night destinations ahead of time and tell them you will be bringing in a large party. Often times bars, restaurants, and even museums will give you package deals or discounted entrance, sometimes even free!
Do you provide us with the alcohol?
We do not have a licensed to provide you with alcohol. You will have to bring your own alcohol. We do provide you with ice for the coolers to keep all your refreshment cool.
Can we bring food on the buses?
Yes you can! Try not to make a mess though. If there is a decent size mess, you may be charged a cleaning fee.
Are there any hidden fees that you are not telling me about?
That's not how we do business. You will be informed of everything before you make your reservation. If you have a question about anything, just ask and we will tell your the truthful answer.
Are children allowed to come onto the buses?
Absolutely! Any one of any age is welcomed. If there are those who are under 21 years old, there cannot be any alcohol on board though. We are great for birthday parties, Quinceaneras, Sweet 16s and more.
Am I allowed to cancel the reservation after I make it?
Unfortunately, once you have made the reservation and put a deposit down, you are unable to cancel your reservation. You will be required to pay whether you use the service or not. Depending on the availability, you may be able to change the time sooner or later or you may upgrade or downgrade your vehicles.
Are there bathrooms on the buses?
Bathrooms tend to get real smelly, therefore, we don't have any on our buses. Instead, it has made room for more seats and/or more amenities for you to enjoy.
Should we tip the driver?
Your hourly rate includes the rental price, taxes, and a minimum tip for the driver. You do not have to tip additionally, but if you would like to, you may.