Party Bus Pearland - Entertainment Guide

Central Texas Style BBQ

Barbecue lovers, you have got to give this place a try the next time you find yourself in Pearland. The array of delicious barbecued meats that they serve here day after day are just amazing. We're the biggest fans of their brisket! Their collard greens and sweet potatoes are so mouth-wateringly good, and their BBQ baked potato is in a class of its own. Try the broccoli-rice casserole for something different, and for dessert, how about their banana pudding? According to Party Bus Houston customers, everything is just irresistible here. Find Central Texas Style BBQ at 4110 Broadway in Pearland and reach them at 281-485-9626.

King's Biergarten & Restaurant

A top Party Bus Houston destination! German beer, live music, and schnitzel! What more do we need to say? You'll love the theme vibe here with the lederhosen and all. Friendly waitstaff too, and they're happy to point you to something good on the menu. Open until midnight on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with a full bar, this is one of the best places to chill and enjoy the evening with good friends and loved ones. They've got a nice outdoor patio area to enjoy when the weather is good, and smokers can find their refuge there too. Find King's Biergarten & Restaurant at 1329 E Broadway in Pearland and call them up at 832-569-4141.

Gringo's Mexican Kitchen

Tex Mex lovers find their home at Gringo's. They really get everything right here. The sauce is lip-smacking good. Our go-to option here is typically the chicken and beef fajitas for two, and the price is just unreal for such a large portion of food. The guacamole will really send your tastebuds to ecstasy. Note that the wait here can be crazy long. It's become very popular to the point that we'd suggest trying to go when they're not so busy. Find Gringo's Mexican Kitchen at 2202 E Broadway St in Pearland and reach them by phone at 281-485-3844.

Freebird's World Burrito

Another one of our favorite places for Mexican fare is Freebird's World Burrito. There's not a full bar here, it's beer and wine only, but we find that that's just perfect. They offer outdoor seating which you'll really enjoy when the weather is good. We love the tacos here, and they've got a combination with three tacos and a drink for less than five bucks. How can you beat that? The burritos are of course the star of the show, hence the name. Find Freebird's World Burrito at 11302 Broadway in Pearland and give them a call at 281-741-3337.


This is a Mongolian barbecue restaurant that all of our customers always enjoy. If you haven't done Mongolian barbecue style dining before, it's basically that you choose all of your raw ingredients and then they stir fry them up for you right then and there on the spot! It's really fun for first dates and nice for group outings with friends too. They also have sushi for you to enjoy here, and we find that's a very nice complement to the stir fry dishes. Always a top pick at Party Bus Houston. Find Mongo at 11200 Broadway St in Pearland and get in touch with them at 713-340-1288.

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