Party Bus Alvin - Entertainment Guide

Gordon Street Tavern

Gordon Street Tavern is perhaps the most quintessential American pubs you'll find around here, and our customers always go crazy for it! They've got a nice outdoor patio for you to enjoy, and they serve their beer in liters which makes for cheap and plentiful drinking! All their craft brews are just wonderful and those who live to try new beers will really enjoy themselves here. The Hawaiian chicken sandwich is one of our favorite things on the menu too. Find Gordon Street Tavern at 114 N Gordon St in Alvin and they can be reached by phone at 281-968-7402.

Joe's Barbeque Company

All we can say is this is such a great casual place to hang out with friends and enjoy some of the best barbecued meats in town. Party Bus Houston customers just adore this place. The brisket and ribs are probably our two favorites on the menu, and many customers recommend the BBQ baked potato and the sliced beef sandwich to us many times as well! We'll definitely be trying that next time. You should too. Cool ambiance with plenty of nostalgic decor. Check out Joe's Barbeque Company at 1400 E Hwy 6 in Alvin and you can get in touch with them at 281-331-9626.

Mr George's Restaurant

Mr George's Restaurant has been in business since 1922, if you can believe that! A restaurant simply does not last that long without being something special. This quaint little charmer is inside of a shopping center, and it's very old fashioned, with a soda fountain type of counter to sit at and all that jazz. They've got excellent omelets here ad we recommend it for breakfast! Note that you pay in the grocery area, not in the restaurant itself. Great Mexican food here too! Find Mr George's Restaurant at 219 N Taylor in Alvin and call them up at 281-331-4491.

Chili's Grill & Bar

Chili's is always a great bet if you don't mind a chain restaurant! We're big fans of this location because it's so lively, always packed with happy customers having a good time, and they have such great waitstaff and service at this location. There are a million and one things to order on their huge menu, but our favorites tend to be the pastas and the salads, and of course we also love their specialty drink menu! Definitely a good bet for group outings when you want to kick back and relax with friends! Find Chili's Grill & Bar at 134 N Bypass 35 in Alvin and phone them up at 281-585-0200.

Las Flores

Mexican cravings are filled here by everyone in the area, and that's the highest of praise! Las Flores is calling your name. The delicious Mexican fare that you will find here will simply send your taste buds into fits of ecstasy! The fajita enchiladas are the dish that we order most often and that we always recommend to our Party Bus Houston customers, and we're also big fans of cheese enchilada dinner too. They serve beer here as well, which is always nice to pair with Mexican food! Find Las Flores at 306 E House St in Alvin & reach them by phone at 281-331-4993.