Party Bus Texas City - Entertainment Guide

Terraza Mexican Bar & Grill

Terraza Mexican Bar & Grill is a sensational place to dine if you enjoy delicious Mexican food as well as having a full bar at your disposal! There's plenty of room for large Party Bus Houston groups at this restaurant, and the prices are very reasonable for such great food. The tortilla soup is certainly one of the best things on the menu, and we're huge fans of their margaritas, as are so many of our Party Bus Houston customers. One of the best! Find Terraza Mexican Bar & Grill at 814 9th Ave in Texas City and call them up at 409-945-6800.

Beyond Burger

Beyond Burger always gets rave reviews from Party Bus Houston customers and from us, the staff, as well! The price is super low and the food is super good. The setup here is similar to Fuddrucker's with the help-yourself-to-toppings concept, and that customization is something that really comes in handy when you're traveling in a large group of friends with Party Bus Houston. The California burger is definitely our favorite, topped with a half an avocado! Too delish. Find Beyond Burger at 10510 Emmett F Lowry Expy in Texas City and call them up for more information at 409-986-7832.

Gus's Bar-B-Q

Gus's Bar-B-Q has been around longer than any other restaurant that we know of in this area and the quality that they consistently serve is the cornerstone of that longevity. The hamburgers are just fantastic, and we're absolutely hooked on their sausage! If you love a retro vibe, you'll be hooked on the '60s and '70s flavor that adorns this place. Old license plates and photos on the walls that have been there since then. We love it. It's as authentic as it gets. Find Gus's Bar-B-Q at 3402 Palmer Highway in Texas City and reach them by phone at 409-948-8004.

Rosario's Flying Pizza Italian Restaurant

Rosario's Flying Pizza Italian Restaurant is a pizza buffet, which as you know is great for party bus travel, and with their new ownership and new style, it's worth another visit if you haven't been there in a while. The pizzas are hot and fresh and always made with care, and the salad fixings are also super fresh and always delicious. The pasta and fish have both always been very good here too, and the staff is so friendly. Find Rosario's Flying Pizza Italian Restaurant at 3202 13th Ave N in Texas City and give them a call at 409-948-3271.

Gringo's Mexican Kitchen

Gringo's Mexican Kitchen is another one of Party Bus Houston's caliente favorites, and the fact that they've got a full bar certainly doesn't hurt one bit either. The prices are super low here, they offer catering, and there's plenty of room for groups. The steak fajitas are one of our go-to items here, as well as the San Antonio burrito! So good. The chips and salsa are always yummy too, either with red salsa or green. Zero complaints from Party Bus Houston here! Find Gringo's Mexican Kitchen at 10200 EF Lowry Expy in Texas City and reach them by phone at 409-986-6864.

Basil House

Basil House is one of the area's best places to go when you are hankering for some authentic, delicious Thai food. An added rare treat is that they also include a solid selection of Vietnamese cuisine on the menu. In our experience here, we've honestly never had a bad meal and have only great things to say about the way the staff treats us. If you are new to Thai, start out with some Pad Thai. It's one of the most widely recognized and served Thai dishes... You simply can't go wrong! You'll find them on the map at 2820 Palmer Hwy in Texas City. You can catch them by phone at 409-945-5811

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