Party Bus Sweeny - Entertainment Guide

The Fat Grass

Party Bus Houston travelers in the Sweeny/Bay City area always enjoy dining and drinking at The Fat Grass! This is one of the nicest places to dine in this area and we really think you will enjoy the ambiance and the exceptional service. The chicken fried venison steak is a standout item that we have enjoyed many times and we also appreciate the great wine selection and the choices of cocktails. Our favorite? Probably the spicy Bloody Mary. Wonderful in every way! Find The Fat Grass at 1717 7th St in nearby Bay City and give them a call at 979-244-7277.

El Toro Mexican Restaurant

This fine establishment has garnered our hearty recommendation on many occasions for those who are traveling in the Sweeny area. The prices here are quite moderate and you really get a wonderful experience for not too bad of a premium! The sour cream enchiladas with chicken are our favorite thing to eat here and we're also really huge fans of the pollo con queso as well as the seafood enchiladas. Wonderful ambiance, always busy with happy customers enjoying the evening, and some of the best service in town. Find them at 120 Commerce St in nearby Clute and call them up at 979-265-5361.

The Local

If you're craving some really great American food including sensational sandwiches and wonderful breakfasts, The Local is your go-to spot in the Sweeny/Lake Jackson area! Party Bus Houston travelers choose this one quite often and we definitely understand why. This is a popular hangout with the locals so it's a great place to meet new faces. The shop that used to take up half of the restaurant is no more, so there's more dining space here for your large party bus groups! Find The Local at 120 That Way St in nearby Lake Jackson and reach them by phone at 979-297-9300.

Lue Ella's Old Fashioned BBQ

Wow! We recently stopped in at Lue Ella's, and to our wonderful surprise... Wow! This place certainly knows how to dish out some of the most fabulous tasting barbecue in known existence. We're talking fall off the bone ribs, gigantic sloppy sandwiches, fresh sides, and really astonishingly quick service. Down home friendly service doesn't hurt their case either. While the building may not be fancy and trendy, the food and friendliness of the place really makes it what it is, and that is excellent! Seek them out at 105 N Main right here in Sweeny. Their number is 979-548-4113. Give 'em a call!