Party Bus South Houston - Entertainment Guide

Taqueria Jesus Maria

Taqueria Jesus Maria is the essential stop for tacos when you're traveling in South Houston with Party Bus Houston. Not only do they have an impressive menu, but they have a full bar for your enjoyment. We love the fact that they're so quick here, meaning that if you're in a rush for lunch, you can really get in and out fast. They serve both salsa and pico de gallo with their chips and the fajitas are what we'd recommend most highly for your entree. Find Taqueria Jesus Maria at 1106 Spencer Hwy in South Houston and give them a call at 713-943-8822.

Burger House

Burger House is one of those classic burger stops whose location you'll want to commit to memory for those times when you're traveling in the area. Of course, if you're traveling with Party Bus Houston, all you've got to do is tell the chauffeur the name of the restaurant and you'll be there in an instant! The condiment bar is a favorite of ours here and they've got flat screen TVs for you to enjoy while you munch. Find Burger House at 9247 Gulf Fwy in the Meadowbrook/Allendale neighborhood of nearby Houston and get in touch with them by telephone at 713-941-7676.

Bam Bam Bar & Grill

Bam Bam Sports Bar & Grill is located in nearby Pasadena, and this short jaunt is totally worth it to enjoy this good ol' time at a fun and lively sports bar. The price is nice on beer here, so you can relax a bit and not stress about the green in your wallet while you're here. There's a dance floor and lots of room for groups, so this is definitely a great option for partying when you're out traveling with Party Bus Houston! Find Bam Bam Sports Bar & Grill at 2222 S Shaver St in nearby Pasadena.

Paco Joe's

Paco Joe's is another one of our favorite Latin American bar and grill types of places in the South Houston area. Party Bus Houston customers always request this as a destination when they're traveling with us. It's a boisterous and lively place to hang out in the evenings, with a full bar for your drinking enjoyment, and they've even got free Wi-Fi so you can enjoy your smartphones and other devices while you're there. Awesome spot to hang out. Find Paco Joe's at 9906 Gulf Fwy in the Hobby neighborhood of nearby Houston and dial them up for info at 713-987-7300.

Antojito's Snack & Bar

Antojito's Snack & Bar is not just a sports bar and not just a Mexican restaurant. They've got both bases covered and they do an excellent job of it! Their amazingly convenient location within the National Market Place flea market is certainly a big help, easily found off Gulf Fwy and Airport Blvd. The beer selection and prices are excellent here, and you can watch all your favorite games on TV including UFC, football, basketball, boxing, and soccer. They've got it all. Find Antojito's Snack & Bar at 9820 Gulf Fwy in the Hobby neighborhood of Houston and reach them at 713-900-6607.