Party Bus Sealy - Entertainment Guide

Othie's Grill & Bar

Othie's Grill & Bar is an essential Party Bus Houston destination for those traveling in Sealy! It's a great place to enjoy your favorite food and drinks while listening to live music or even watching the big game on television. There's a little arcade area that the kids really enjoy, so if you're traveling as a family that can be a major perk. Our favorite things here are the hamburgers and chicken, and we're also big fans of their salads and their fish too. Find Othie's Grill & Bar at FM 2187 & FM 1094 in Sealy and call them up at 979-885-2831.

Hinze's BBQ & Catering

Barbecue lovers in Sealy who are traveling with Party Bus Houston will recognize Hinze's famous pig on the sign immediately and beg our chauffeurs to stop quickly for a bite to eat! How could they resist this place? It's always so good. We are so obsessed with their ribs! Just fall off the bone good! All of the pork is excellent here as far as we're concerned and we are huge fans of the potato salad for a side. Excellent sausage too! Find Hinze's BBQ & Catering at 2101 Highway 36 S in Sealy and dial them up at 979-885-7808.

Maribelli Fine Italian Restaurant

Maribelli Fine Italian Restaurant is a clear favorite amongst Party Bus Houston partygoers who choose this establishment for their best celebrations in Sealy. The prices are quite affordable and there's even a full bar! The Caesar salads are a must-have as far as we're concerned. The bruschetta is another must for an appetizer. Our favorite entrees are definitely the Ravioli Romana and the Chicken Josabeth. Great array of tastes here that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere. Excellent service and really pleasant ambiance. Find Maribelli Fine Italian Restaurant at 2370 Hwy 36 S in Sealy. Call them at 979-627-7665 for reservations!

Yani's Steakhouse

Yani's Steakhouse is located in nearby Bellville, just a short drive away from Sealy and perfect for your travels with Party Bus Houston in this area. It's quiet and relaxing here, with an extensive menu of delicious options to choose from, and some of the best service that you will find in this area. They've got really delicious steaks here, of course, and a fresh salad bar that's a very nice addition to your meal. Find Yani's Steakhouse at 1416 S Front St in nearby Bellville and give them a call for reservations or more information at 979-865-8401.

Bellville Cafe

Bellville Cafe is a really wonderful hidden gem that we at Party Bus Houston recommend very highly to you when you're in the Sealy/Bellville area with us! They have a nice brunch buffet that we think you'll really enjoy. If you're there for lunch or dinner any day of the week, you just might want to try their chicken fried steak. It's excellent! Very good hamburgers, french fries, and onion rings too. We love the ambiance here with the exposed brick and the wood flooring. Find Bellville Cafe at 103 E Main St in nearby Bellville and connect with them by phone at 979-865-8200.