Party Bus North Cleveland - Entertainment Guide

Duke's Bar-B-Que

Duke's Bar-B-Que is a great option in the North Cleveland area where you can enjoy some of the best barbecue meals around! We're absolutely in love with these tasty tangy sliced brisket sandwiches and their incredible stuffed baked potatoes. This place has a more subdued atmosphere than most of the barbecue restaurants in this area, so it's great for more conversational outings with your friends with Party Bus Houston, where you really want to be able to hear what your dining partners are saying while you nosh. Find Duke's Bar-B-Que at 703 N San Jacinto Ave in North Cleveland and give them a call at 281-432-8000.

7 Lenguas Mexican Bar & Grill

7 Lenguas Mexican Bar & Grill is definitely a Party Bus Houston favorite for yummy Mexican meals when on the go with us. It's super comfortable with great service, and a full bar too! The fajitas with a trio of chicken, beef, and shrimp are truly sensational. We love the unusual additions of mushrooms, bacon, and pico de gallo! What a flavor combination! The bar area is very comfortable and relaxing and a great place to sit and talk with your friends. Find 7 Lenguas Mexican Bar & Grill at 509 S Washington Ave in North Cleveland and their phone number is 281-593-2535.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster is a personal favorite of the Party Bus Houston staff in the North Cleveland area and our customers really love it too. The prices are quite reasonable here and the food is just great. We love the fact that there's such a lively atmosphere and that there's a full bar for you to take advantage of. The chicken fried steak is top notch and it's freshly prepared and cooked when you order it. Everything's simply fantastic here. Find Red Rooster at 301 Birch St in North Cleveland and call them up at 281-659-1172.