Party Bus La Marque - Entertainment Guide

Beyond Burger

Beyond Burger is hands down the best place to grab a delicious juicy hamburger and hot out of the fryer french fries! And the location in nearby Texas City is so convenient when you are traveling with Party Bus Houston in the La Marque area. The breads here are fresh baked and all the toppings that they have to choose from are just so great and fresh, like avocado for instance! Just the best burgers around. Find Beyond Burger at 10510 Emmett F Lowry Expy in nearby Texas City and get in touch with them by phone at 409-986-7832.

Gus's Restaurant

When it comes to great barbecue restaurants in the La Marque area, Gus's Restaurant really steps up and delivers. Party Bus Houston staff members find themselves recommending this place to customers pretty regularly when they are traveling in this area. Gus's has been around for decades at this point, and that longevity really says something. We adore the 1970s vibe and of course all those yummy barbecue selections. Try the chicken fried steak and grilled shrimp! Simply one of the best in this area! Find Gus's Restaurant at 3402 Palmer Highway in nearby Texas City. Call them at 409-948-8004.

Gringo's Tex Mex

Gringo's Tex Mex is a real favorite for La Marque residents visiting nearby Texas City, and the same goes for Party Bus Houston customers who are craving a delicious tex mex dinner! The San Antonio burrito is a clear favorite here, with plenty of fajita style steak to savor, and we're big on their fresh and yummy salsa too, in both red and green. The pulled pork enchiladas are sensational. Wonderful service and charming atmosphere too. Find Gringo's Tex Mex at 10200 EF Lowry Expy in nearby Texas City and reach them at 409-986-6864.

Rosario's Flying Pizza Italian Restaurant

Rosario's Flying Pizza Italian Restaurant is a big favorite among Party Bus Houston customers and we highly suggest that you check them out when you are in town too! This is a pizza buffet rather than a traditional Italian restaurant, which is just right for those wild and fun trips on the party bus. Stop in, pig out, eat cheap. The salad is super fresh here and the pasta is always good too. They've got some off-buffet items that you can order as well. Find Rosario's Flying Pizza Italian Restaurant at 3202 13th Ave N in nearby Texas City and give them a call at 409-948-3271.

Terraza Mexican Bar & Grill Restaurant

Terraza Mexican Bar & Grill Restaurant is just a great place to stop in and have some fresh margaritas and tortilla soup or really any of your Mexican favorites! Party Bus Houston customers absolutely adore this place, and in fact, they suggested it to us first! Now we find ourselves passing that recommendation on to our customers when they're looking for good Mexican fare in the La Marque area. The bar area is festive and fun, always lively! Find Terraza Mexican Bar & Grill Restaurant at 814 9th Ave N in nearby Texas City and call them for more info at 409-945-6800.