Party Bus Kendleton - Entertainment Guide

Hinze Bar-B-Q

3940 Hwy 59 Loop N Wharton TX 77488 979-532-2710

Everyone at our office simply loves barbecue restaurants just as much as you do. Consequently, we are huge fans of Hinze Bar-B-Que in the Kendleton/Wharton area! They simply do everything, and they do it right. The rates here are more than reasonable. Especially considering the enormous portions they dole out for each of their meals. If you are looking to have some of the best BBQ in the area, look no further! We've found your spot.

Texas Roadhouse

24020 Southwest Fwy Rosenberg TX 77469 281-341-7427

Our customers, friends, family, and co-workers always love a good steak. While a nationwide chain, everyone trusts this place for the varied menu, great taste, and reasonable prices. You'll always be able to fully appreciate your meal due to the super clean environment, as well as the stylish and comfortable ambiance! Sometimes you just want a good treat, and friendly faces helping you. We've found that Texas Roadhouse will always deliver!

Another Time Soda Fountain & Cafe

800 3rd St Rosenberg TX 77471 281-232-2999

If you enjoy places that pay homage to times gone past, you'll undoubtedly feel as though you've stepped back in time when you first pass through the doors of this old-fashioned cafe. This friendly and comfortable restaurant really stays true to it's name. It truly is like going back to "Another Time". The menu is also reflective of the decor and setup of the cafe, and as fate would have it, so are the prices. Order what tickles your fancy, you can't go wrong here!

Schulze Bar-B-Que & Catering

1214 1st St Rosenberg TX 77471 281-342-4445

This family owned and operated restaurant is a true classic in this area of Texas. If frequenting this place on more than one occasion, you'll notice that there are always the usual suspects present. Many of their staff have been in their care for 20 plus years! This speaks volumes, as we've found that restaurants who know how to take care of their staff, really know how to take care of their patrons. Always a value, Schulze truly knows how to take care of you.

Scheller's Cafe

122 S Bridge Cafe Glen Flora TX 77443 979-677-9417

This wonderful cafe features a wide variety of items including American fare, Mexican food, and a smattering of other delights! Enjoy all of the delectable choices you can find here, as there's simply no wrong way to order. These people know how to cook, and they know how to take care of their patrons!

Bull Creek Cafe & Grill

918 San Jacinto Rosenberg TX 77471 281-341-8170

For steaks, delicious comfort food, and even a nice little bar area, you've got to check this place out! Another "local joint" that we simply love to frequent, as they always have your favorite dishes waiting for you, and always find a way to greet everyone with a genuine, welcoming smile that makes you feel right at home.

K Bob's Steakhouse

10292 US-59 Wharton TX 77488 979-532-1222

Wonderful dining area and bar at this cozy steakhouse, and friendly pricing too... K Bob's really knows their beef. As you might have guessed by now, we enjoy a good steak. Well, K Bob's has GREAT steak, and you should seek them out when your next juicy beef hankering strikes. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant

1107 Main St East Bernard TX 77435 979-335-4244

This just happens to be one of our favorite and most highly recommended Mexican restaurants in this area of Texas! The flexibility of your dining experience is what sets them apart (aside from the unbelievably delish food). They feature a full menu and we've found that we're hooked on the buffet bar and we love their beef ribs.

36 Bar & Grill

13400 Hwy 36 Needville TX 77461 979-793-4403

This Bar and Grill is simply one of those cozy roadside bar and grills that residents, visitors, and travelers just love to come back to when in the area! While here you'll enjoy some of the most wonderful service you can imagine, some of the tastiest choices in hte area, and such a friendly old fashioned ambiance that is not to be overlooked.

Ninja Japanese Cuisine

1800 FM 359 Rd Richmond TX 77406 281-239-2299

If you're big on pretentious, fancy locations, well... We are here to tell you: Don't let the strip mall location of Ninja fool you! This is one of the best places around to enjoy Japanese cuisine, hibachi, and of course sushi. They're also a great choice for group outings as they have party trays and offer great catering options.