Party Bus Houston: Jersey Village Restaurants & Bars

Big C's Bar-B-Q Restaurant

Big C's Bar-B-Q Restaurant is a huge hit with Party Bus Houston customers! Affordable prices and super delectable barbecue fare! What more could you want when traveling with friends on a party bus? The dinner plates are huge and so affordable, packed with irresistible combos of BBQ meat, beans, and potato salad. The sandwiches are great, particularly the sliced brisket, if you want our personal opinion! Enormous size on the sandwiches too. Not much room for groups of course, but perfect for pickup! Find Big C's Bar-B-Q Restaurant at 7718 W Little York in Jersey Village and give them a call at 713-466-8846.

Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar is always a great spot to stop in for food and drinks when traveling in Jersey Village. Kids eat free on Tuesdays, so if you're traveling as a family with Party Bus Houston, you may want to take advantage of that! The bar area is always super loud and lively, with great music playing all night long and so many wonderful drink specials to take advantage of. The appetizer trios are fantastic for groups and you can't go wrong with the hamburgers here. Find Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar at 19823 Northwest Fwy in Jersey Village and call them up for information at 281-970-1028.

Sushi Choo Choo

Sushi Choo Choo is always a blast for Party Bus Houston partygoers in the Jersey Village area! This is one of those conveyer belt sushi restaurants where you get to choose what you want as it passes by your table, and we just think that's so much fun. The Alaska roll is very memorable, with snow crab, cream cheese, and avocado, and we also love the dumplings and the edamame. There's not much nigiri here but plenty of rolls. Find Sushi Choo Choo at 12149 FM 1960 W in nearby Houston and dial them up at 281-955-2888.