Party Bus Iowa Colony - Entertainment Guide

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse gets one of our top recommendations for Party Bus Houston partygoers in the Iowa Colony area of Texas. They've got incredible weekday lunch specials for just under six dollars that will fill you up without breaking the bank. This is a casual and trendy bar and restaurant where you'll enjoy a great beer selection, yummy dishes like avocado egg rolls and pizzooki dessert. They're open as late as midnight most nights of the week and until 1:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Find BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse at 11200 Broadway in nearby Pearland and call them up for more information at 713-436-7805.

Chili's Bar & Grill

Party Bus Houston won't often recommend a chain restaurant to you, but this Chili's location in nearby Pearland is a very popular spot for our customers who are attending parties in the Iowa Colony area! It's great because they've got a huge menu of delicious delights that are affordable too, and they've also got a wonderful selection of margaritas and other specialty drinks that are lots of fun when you're partying with friends. Find Chili's Bar & Grill at 3030 Silverlake Village St in nearby Pearland and give them a call at 713-436-4790.

Lupe Tortilla

Lupe Tortilla is always a great Tex-Mex option when you're in Iowa County with Party Bus Houston! Found in nearby Pearland, you will adore everything that they have to offer here. Moderate pricing and truly delectable food. The fajitas are our go-to item, closely followed by the shrimp and avocado cocktail, the beef quesadillas, and of course copious amounts of their fresh chips and salsa! So mouth wateringly good! The enchiladas are definitely a stellar choice here, and you cannot go wrong with a margarita for your drink. Find Lupe Tortilla at 2728 Smith Ranch Rd in nearby Pearland and dial them up at 281-888-8200.