Party Bus Hedwig Village - Entertainment Guide

Korea Garden Restaurant

Korea Garden Restaurant is a truly wonderful place to go out and dine with your friends, or really anyone for that matter, when you're tooling around in Houston's gorgeous Hedwig Village. This Korean barbecue style restaurant really gets it right. The kimchi is fantastic. We love the boneless short ribs and the jae yook bokum. The bulgogi is a great choice and the dolsot bibimbap is excellent as well. They've got wonderful grilled squid and fried fish for seafood lovers too. Find Korea Garden Restaurant at 9501 Long Point Rd in the Spring Branch neighborhood of nearby Houston and reach them by phone at 713-468-2800.

Jonathan's The Rub

Jonathan's The Rub is a great choice for Party Bus Houston customers who are looking for a really amazing meal in the evening with their friends. The lobster sliders are a major favorite here, and who doesn't love their mussels? If you're not a seafood lover, you may want to opt for the bleu cheese broccoli or the five cheese macaroni! Great sweet potato fries here too. The people serving here are unbelievable, and the environs are perfect for celebrations and casual nights alike. Find Jonathan's The Rub at 9061 Gaylord St in the Memorial neighborhood of nearby Houston and reach them by phone at 713-465-8200.

Seoul Garden Restaurant

Another one of our favorite Korean restaurants in the Hedwig Village area is Seoul Garden. This is a bit more authentic than the previous recommendation, though each has got its strengths. Of course you'll pay more at this location, but we believe it's worth every penny. The spicy bulgogi is a favorite of ours here. The kimchi jigae is also noteworthy, and all of their side dishes are so good that you'll wish they were entrees. Great barbecue short ribs too! Find Seoul Garden Restaurant at 9446 Long Point Rd in the Spring Branch neighborhood of nearby Houston and dial them up anytime at 713-935-9696.

Peli Peli Kitchen

When is the last time you said, "Hey, let's go get some South African grub"? Well, after dining at Peli Peli, you'll find yourself saying it quite often! They have a fantastic selection of brews and vino, and the menu is simply out of this world. Unique, delicious, and full of wonderful people, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone in the area who has had a less than stellar experience here. After you've thoroughly stuffed yourself with dinner and appetizers, be sure to examine the dessert menu. Some unique and crazy good choices here. They're located in Houston on 9090 Katy. Call ahead at 281-257-9500.