Party Bus Clute - Entertainment Guide

El Toro Mexican Restaurant

Party Bus Houston recommends El Toro Mexican Restaurant very highly to any of our customers who are traveling in Clute, TX. The prices are very reasonable here and they also have a fully stocked bar for you to enjoy. The sour cream chicken enchiladas are the item that we simply go wild for, and we order it nearly every time we visit. The pollo con queso is also a creamy delight, and you can't go wrong with the seafood enchiladas if you are a seafood lover! Find El Toro Mexican Restaurant at 120 Commerce St in Clute and give them a call at 979-265-5361.

Wings Over Texas

Wings Over Texas is of course a popular choice in Clute, and Party Bus Houston customers really love it. As with the previous recommendation, the prices are good and moderate and the full bar is a plus! The service is so friendly here, and they will even let you try a taste of the sauces before you choose one. If you're not in the mood for wings, maybe you'd like to try their crawfish! They've got huge portions that are great to share with your party bus group! Find Wings Over Texas at 605 W Plantation Dr in Clute and get in touch with them at 979-265-2418.

Brian's Bar-B-Q

Brian's Bar-B-Q is not only a great spot to stop with your friends on the party bus but it's also a great establishment to rely on for catering for your larger parties. The smoky ribs will simply blow your mind and will tantalize your tastebuds. The brisket? Let's just say it is simply one of the most delicious things we've ever had. The potato salad is pretty famous here too, so be sure to try it! A+ all around. Doesn't hurt matters either, how down home friendly these folks are. Find Brian's Bar-B-Q at 151 Commerce St in Clute and reach them by phone at 979-265-1232.

Country Cafe

Country Cafe is a wonderfully quaint place to stop and enjoy breakfast or lunch when you're on the road with Party Bus Houston in Clute. Their breakfast and lunch buffets are a superb deal and it's always packed with yummy choices. The chicken fried steak is something that we order a lot here. The mashed potatoes and green beans are always really good too. Omelets are a really nice choice for breakfast, perfectly cooked and very filling even for the heartiest appetites! Find Country Cafe at 917 Highway 332 in Clute and give them a quick call for more info at 979-297-9354.

DJ's Bar-B-Que

Another one of Party Bus Houston's favorite barbecue joints in the Clute area is DJ's Bar-B-Que. You can't beat the convenient location right there on West Plantation Drive. The service is so incredibly friendly here and the ambiance is so inviting. It's always super clean, there are lots of great specials, and the barbecue flavor is so smoky and delicious. Very highly recommended to all Party Bus Houston customers to enjoy during their travels with us! We've never had a bad meal here. Find DJ's Bar-B-Que at 906 W Plantation Dr in Clute and reach them by telephone at 979-265-6331.

Taste of Nations Restaurant

Taste of Nations is a fine Chinese establishment that simply goes the extra mile to ensure perfection. You'll find that they have dishes ranging from authentic Chinese to the "Americanized" favorites we've all come to know and love. If you are tired of the run of the mill, we highly recommend the Swai Fish with green onion. Very true to the authentic renditions you'll find across the Pacific. Honestly though, you'll not find a bad choice on their entire menu. Taste of Nations is located at 647 Dixie Drive in beautiful Clute. Their phone number for carry out is 979-265-6788.