Party Bus Cleveland - Entertainment Guide

7 Lenguas Mexican Bar & Grill

When you're traveling with Party Bus Houston in the Cleveland, TX area and craving a huge plate of delectable Mexican fare, 7 Lenguas Mexican Bar & Grill should be your go-to place. The red and green salsas are absolutely fantastic here, and we're obsessed with their pico de gallo too. Lola's special which is fajitas with beef, chicken, and shrimp, plus mushrooms, pico de gallo, bacon, and sauteed onions, is really a smash. You'll enjoy the full bar here. Great for families with kids too! Kids get a lollipop for returning their crayons after their meal. Find 7 Lenguas Mexican Bar & Grill at 509 S Washington Ave in Cleveland and give them a call at 281-593-2535.

Duke's Bar-B-Q

Duke's Bar-B-Q is another great bet right here in Cleveland, TX. It's just perfect when you're traveling with Party Bus Houston and craving some delicious Texan barbecue for dinner! The brisket is simply unbelievable, and if you opt for that in the form of a brisket sandwich for lunch, you'll definitely be glad that you did! The stuffed baked potatoes are also quite noteworthy. Huge portions! Find Duke's Bar-B-Que at 703 N San Jacinto Ave in Cleveland, and if you need more information, you can reach them by phone at 281-432-8000.

Red Rooster

Red Rooster is another one of our favorite Texas barbecue restaurants, conveniently located right here in Cleveland, and Party Bus Houston customers always love it so much on their trips with us. The chicken fried steak is really excellent here. We love the fact that they batter it and fry it right then and there when you order it, so it's super fresh and really authentic. Great tea and ice cold beers too. Wonderful french fries! Find Red Rooster at 301 Birch St right here in Cleveland and give them a call at 281-659-1172.