Party Bus Belleville - Entertainment Guide

Yani's Steakhouse.

Best in Bellville! Party Bus Houston customers can't get enough of Yani's. The food is as fresh as can possibly be, and the chefs really know how to prepare it just perfectly. The owner is extremely welcoming and kind to everyone who visits and the service is wonderful too. They have bacon-wrapped grilled shrimp brochettes that are simply to die for, and we're also huge fans of their chicken fettuccine and prime rib. Catering is available for your big parties with Party Bus Houston as well. Find Yani's Steakhouse at 1416 S Front St in Bellville and reach them at 979-865-8401.

Bellville Cafe

Bellville Cafe is a charming and quaint little place to grab a bite to eat when you're traveling in Bellville with Party Bus Houston. One of the dishes that our customers recommend often is the chicken fried steak, and we're told that they also have excellent onion rings. Their burgers and fries are delicious as well, and you'll even enjoy their buffet for a late lunch. We like the ambiance here, with the exposed brick and wood flooring. We've had nothing but rave reviews of this place from all of our Party Bus Houston customers! Find Bellville Cafe at 103 E Main St in right here in Bellville and give them a ring at 979-865-8200.

Buffalo Creek

Buffalo Creek is a great little wine bar and cigar bar in the Party Bus Houston service area in Bellville. We highly recommend grabbing a seat on their back patio to enjoy watching the evening roll in. The menu is small but well chosen, and the selection of wine and beer is very nice. If you're traveling with Party Bus Houston on the weekend, they'll likely have live music going on at this establishment, and that's always a joy. Find Buffalo Creek at 10827 Hwy 36 S in Belleville and give them a call at 979-865-0702.