Party Bus Ames - Entertainment Guide

El Toro

Located within relatively quick driving distance of Ames is El Toro, and all of our customers tend to be big fans of this spot, requesting it frequently when they visit this area! The chips and salsa that they start you off with is fantastic and we love that they serve both rojo and verde salsas with those tasty chips. Our favorite dish here has got to be the cheesy enchiladas, and no matter what we order, we always pair it with a juicy margarita. Yum! Seek out El Toro at 5810 Garth Rd in close by Baytown or you can reach them at 281-421-1919.

Jax Hamburgers

Our customers' often suggest a favorite spot near Ames for a great burger and a beer. This place would be Jax Hamburgers. They make their own hamburger buns here and you get to dress up your burgers yourself at their condiment bar. It's not just hamburgers here though. You can even enjoy yummy fried catfish and fried shrimp, plus sensational steak fries and hush puppies. Excellent service in a simple and delightful setting. Highly recommended by Party Bus Houston for any and all trips with us! Find the good folks from Jax at 428 Main St in nearby Liberty and call them up at 936-336-7887.

Tuscany Italian Restaurant

If you ever find yourself out and about and you start craving some delicious spaghetti, fettuccine, or virtually any kind of delicious Italian food, why not try Tuscany? They've got a very charming atmosphere here and a wonderfully stocked bar to fully enjoy. The fettuccine alfredo with chicken is probably our top recommended dish here, and if you want a simple casual lunch, you'll truly enjoy their delicious Philly cheesesteak. You'll go crazy on their fresh bread here too. It's purely magnificent. You'll see them conveniently located at 4915 1-10 East, Baytown, TX and reach them on the phone at 281-421-5555.

Cookie's Soul Food Kitchen

For an unbelievable down-home experience, have us wheel into one of our favorite spots near Ames. Cookie's Soul Food Kitchen located on 113 Berotte St in Liberty, offers both a great variety of dishes offered as well as your old favorites. If such things as delicious Fried Pork Chops, Pan Fried Catfish, or even the perennial American favorite Fried Chicken sound tasty to you... You'll find Cookie's irresistible. After dinner, have your friendly and welcoming server bring you a bowl of their Banana Pudding. You'll likely need to be carted off in a wheel barrow after your meal here. Get in touch with them at 936-336-1954!